This page contains information to help the members of with their accounts.  Please e-mail me if this page doesn't answer your questions.
How do I get an account at
Accounts are provided free to friends of the domainmeister (me).  In general, however, a long time, certifiable fan of Cybersix (i.e. active participant at the Cybersix message board), will get an account if you ask nicely.
What do I get with my account?
You get webspace and eventually an e-mail account.  You can link to pictures stored on your website.  Best of all, NO ADVERTISING POP-UPS!
What restrictions are on the account?
No pornography, pirated warez, or pirated MP3s.  This is a restriction imposed by the webhoster, not me.  Other than that, you can do what you want on it.  It doesn't even have to be Cybersix related, although I would be delighted if a portion of your website was dedicated to Cybersix or a Cybersix fan character.
How do I manage my account?
You'll have to e-mail me to change your password.
Can I use as my mail server?
I do not advise it at this time.  I had a bad experience with the previous webhoster of, and all the inboxes were lost.  However, see the next question.
Well, can I get an e-mail forwarding service?
Yes.  e-mail me with your account name (what you log in to FTP with), and the e-mail address of where you want your mail to be sent.  If your name is joe, and your e-mail account is, you can give as your e-mail address, and it will be forwarded to
What is my e-mail address?
If your user id is "c6", then your e-mail forwarding address will be ""
Can I have other names for my e-mail address, other than my user id?
Yes.  E-mail me the e-mail name or names you'd like to use, and the forwarding address.
What is my website address?
If your user id is "c6", then the URL "" will direct a web browser to the top level directory of your website.  An alternative is "".  Remember that the default file that the browser will load will be "index.html" or "index.htm".
How do I put files on my website?
There are several ways. 

If you are experienced with the internet and FTP, you can use the command line version of FTP.  The command "ftp" will get you to the FTP server for  Enter your user name and password at the prompts, and you'll be dropped into an ftp account directory of your site.  Enter "cd www" to go to the directory where your website files are to be stored.  Don't use "cd /www".

Alternatively, you can use various versions of graphical FTP programs, such as CuteFTP.  Again, the website will be "", with your user ID and password as the user name and password respectively.  Remember to add "www" as the remote directory, and don't use "/www".

For those with 32 bit Windows (not Windows 3.1), you can try using Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer.  If your accout name is "c6", enter "" as the file name/url.  The first time, you'll get an error message, and you'll have to re-enter your user name and password.  After you do that, double click on the "www" folder to get to the directory for website documents.  you will then be able to drag and drop files, delete, and rename files as if the website was a hard drive.

You may be using Netscape Composer.  Select "Edit/Preferences/Composer/Publishing" from the menu, and enter "" and "". 

I'm having problems accessing a file.  I know I put it there, and I see its name in directory listings from FTP or using Explorer, but I can't access it!
Firstly, check the capitalization of the file name: the server is case sensitive.

Secondly, check the file extension.  Windows hides file extensions, and treats extensions of ".htm" and ".html" the same.  Thus, the file extension on the website may be ".html", but your links may use a file extension of ".htm".

Third, when you log in, you may NOT be in the directory where the system expects the website files to be stored.  Be sure to go into the "www" subdirectory.

Can I use CGI scripts on my website?  How do I enable them?
At the moment of this writing, only scripts created by the "sixies" user can be executed as "cgi" scripts.  If you have a script you need to have executed, tell me about it, and I'll copy it so it will have my user name, but I'll enable you to edit it.
What CGI languages are supported?
An impressive number!  The most notable are Perl, PHP, and Python.  Perl is the most widespread.  PHP is simple and an up-and-coming language.  I'm a computer language purist, though, so I find that Python is the most elegant and powerful without being confusing or hard to read.  Check the webhoster support plans for others: I currently have the Unix "Gold" account.
Are MySQL databases supported?
Yes.  Contact me for details.
Can I have more disk space?
Currently, I get 5GB of disk space, an incredibly great deal.  However, DO be considerate of others and don't tie up too much memory in files, since I've also got a limit of 100000 files on the site.
Can I have telnet access?
Unlike many webhosters, the one for allows it.  However, it is a very powerful and dangerous tool,  contact me with an explanation of why you need it.  Also, the webhoster has a pretty good master control panel which can do some things that would normally require telnet to accomplish. 
What's Telnet access?
Sorry, but if you have to ask that question, then you may hang yourself (and others) digitally. 
Can anyone read my files?
By default, yes.  You'll have to change the mode of the files to prevent universal access, but then they wouldn't be visible on the web. 
This Information page didn't help me.
Contact me with your question, and I'll try my best to answer it.  Also, the webhoster has a pretty good FAQ at their support site that you can use. is a UNIX Gold account,, so there are details available at the website of the webhoster.
A free web account with no advertising?  Are you crazy?
Not certifiably. :)