WWW.SIXIES.NET Related Websites.
The Sixies Oekaki BBS : Where the artistic (and sometimes the not so artistic) Cybersix fans come to share their drawing skills.  Don't feel you have to draw something Cybersixish to participate!  And even if you can't draw (like me, the DomainMeister), drop by, gawk at the pretty pictures, and leave your comments. 
The Sixies Birthday List : Don't forget to wish that special Sixie a happy birthday!
Wyenet : The webhosters for www.sixies.net!  These guys have the best deal on disk space and bandwidth, so check them out!  Much better service than the webhoster for www.sixies.org.
Official Cybersix Websites
Telecom Anime (TMS) : These are the creative people who created the animated version of Cybersix.  They have an impressive website dedicated to the show.
Teletoon : The first television channel to show Cybersix in the world. They also feature a nice website for Cybersix.
Recommended Cybersix Websites
CyberSeries 5000 : This is THE very best website dedicated to Cybersix!  A veritable cornucopia of multimedia files, screen shots, synopses of the episodes, and sound files.  Highly recommended!
Frundock's Cybersix Fansite : Also an excellent Cybersix website.  It richly deserves mention here because Frundock is a Quebecois who has scanned portions of the French versions of the Cybersix comics, complete with a brief description of each volume.  It also houses some fanfiction hard to find anywhere else.

He also was the person who helped design this site.  Thanks, Frundock! 

Webring : The webring dedicated to Cybersix.
Message Board : Join the other Cybersix fans at the Unofficial Cybersix Message board.  Created by Carpstail after the official forum was shut down, it is now administred by me, Syberkat, and ProtossKing, and moderated by others, some of whom have their websites here at www.sixies.net!